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17-07-2018 11:21

THE OUTER ONES GLOBAL INVASION PART II Special Guests: Archspire Soreption Rivers of Nihil 28.11.18 Germany Berlin @ Badehaus 29.11.18 Denmark Aarhus @ Voxhall 30.11.18 Germany Hannover @ Chez Heinz 01.12.18 Germany Dresden @ Puschkin 02.12.18 Poland Poznań @ U Bazyla 03.12.18 Czech Rep Brno @ Melodka 04.12.18 Austria Vienna @ Viper Room 05.12.18 Slovenia Ljubljana @ Orto Bar 06.12.18 Germany München @ Backstage 07.12.18 Italy Milano @ Circolo Svolta 08.12.18 Switzerland Aarau @ Kiff 09.12.18 France Marseille @ Jas Rod 10.12.18 Spain Barcelona @ Razzmatazz 2 11.12.18 Spain Madrid @ Caracol 12.12.18 Portugal Porto @ Hard Club 13.12.18 Spain Bilbao @ Stage Live 14.12.18 France Pau @ l'Ampli 15.12.18 France Paris @ Petit Bain 16.12.18 UK London @ Underworld 17.12.18 UK Birmingham @ Mama Roux 18.12.18 UK Bristol @ The Fleece 19.12.18 UK Manchester @ Rebellion 20.12.18 Belgium Brussels @ Magasin 4 21.12.18 Netherlands Nijmegen @ Doornroosje 22.12.18 Germany Essen @ Turock

Revocation News Update

16-07-2018 16:07

Got the chance to talk jazz and do a little playing with Alex Skolnick last week, stay tuned for the video!

Revocation News Update

15-07-2018 17:21

📸 Alex Morgan

Revocation News Update

14-07-2018 15:23

Brutal Keys totally nailed the solo from Unworldly and learned it all in only 1 day! 🎹🤘

Revocation "Of Unworldly Origin" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

13-07-2018 14:43

“Of Unworldly Origin” That fateful moonlight night forever haunts my dreams The fog hung in the air just like a dead man Within the woods there stood the witch’s house Unholy hovel of the damned The lock broke easily enough That wicked crone was soon to be within my grasp I should’ve turned back on that night Before the witch’s spell was cast Sorcery of the black goat with 1000 young Uttering incantations of the fallen one Forsaken rites have conjured accursed gateways Into foul realms of unworldly origin I found her praying in the attic Bowing to that altar of the goat I froze with fear at what no mortal eyes should see panic stricken screams escaped my throat The symbols on the wall, they came alive Hideous laughter filled the room Reality crumbled away beneath my feet By swirling vortexes of chaos now consumed Nightmares from the beyond Lost in a dreamscape of madness Her disembodied eyes follow me through this tenebrous labyrinth Awakening in the cell of the asylum My tale too maddening to ever be believed Burned in my palm, the black mark of the horned one A cursed symbol of unworldly origin

Revocation News Update

10-07-2018 16:22

The Outer Ones have arrived! Our new music video for “Of Unworldly Origin” is up now at the link below along with a bunch of killer album bundles. Head on over and smash that pre-order button! “The Outer Ones” 1. Of Unworldly Origin 2. That Which Consumes All Things 3. Blood Atonement 4. Fathomless Catacombs 5. The Outer Ones 6. Vanitas 7. Ex Nihilo 8. Luciferous 9. A Starless Darkness

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