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Revocation News Update

08-12-2016 17:04

Brett's bass tone, opening up a portal to another dimension of heaviness

Revocation's Dave Davidson - How to Play "Theater of Horror" Part 2

07-12-2016 16:13

Part 2 of Dave's tutorial on "Theatre Of Horror" is up now!

Year in Metal 2016, a playlist by Spotify

06-12-2016 17:37

Check out Spotify's 2016 metal playlist featuring yours truly!

David Davidson

28-11-2016 18:04

Revocation with Todd Haug (of Powermad) "Pull The Plug" at DD'16

23-11-2016 18:53

Had a blast jamming "Pull The Plug" at Darkness Day with our good friend Todd Haug, cheers!

RECOVATION - Ash Pearson Drumcam - COMMUNION

21-11-2016 21:11

Live drumcam footage of Communion from our gig in Oberhausen!

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